About Pride Camp



Campers will choose different activities each day designed to engage their minds and creativity. These interactive activities challenge students to use their skills and talents to problem solve create change, and have fun! 



Staff and counselors are not just leaders for campers, but serve as role models and mentors for LGBTQ and allied youth. Campers will build positive relationships with staff and counselors who want to empower the next generation of leaders.



Campers will meet other LGBTQ and allied youth who are passionate about creating change in their communities through activism and building relationships! 

Pride Camp Schedule!


Day 1 - July 15   

10:15-11:30AM Registration & Check In   

11:30-12:00PM Welcome & Housekeeping   

12:00-12:15PM Farewell to Families   

12:15-12:25PM Move to Speed Lyceum   

12:25-1:00PM Icebreakers    

1:00-1:55PM Becoming an LGBTQ Influencer

1:55-2:35PM Camp Games   

2:35-2:45PM Break/Snack Time   

2:45-3:35PM Egg Drop Activity   

3:35-3:45PM Break    

3:45-4:20PM Building your Personal Brand   

4:20-4:25PM Break    

4:25-5:00PM Spheres of Influence   

5:00-5:45PM Dinner/Table Topics   

5:45-7:15PM SHARK TANK - Find a Solution to a Problem   

7:15-8:20PM Who Am I Activity   

8:20-8:30PM Break   

8:30-10:00PM Drag Show   

10:00-10:20PM Create your Team Flag   

10:20-10:30PM Team Check In   

10:30-11:00PM Silent Interviews   

11:00-11:15PM Move to Dorms   

11:15PM Lights Out  

Day 2 - July 16   

6:30AM Wake Up   

7:00-7:45AM Breakfast   

7:45-8:00AM Morning Check in with Becky   

8:00-8:25AM Morning Warm Up with Counselors   

8:25-8:30AM Break   

8:30-9:15AM College Counselor Panel   

9:15-9:30AM Human Scrabble   

9:30-11:00AM Iowa College Aid   

11:00-12:00PM Lunch   

12:00-12:45PM Computer Programming   

12:45-1:25PM Camp Games   

1:25-1:30PM Move to Recreation   

1:30-2:00PM Recreation Choice   

2:00-3:25PM Drag Personas & Snacks   

3:25-3:30PM Break    

3:30-4:15PM Financial Literacy   

4:15-4:30PM Break   

4:30-6:00PM Shark Tank- Design & Build   

6:00-6:30PM Dinner, Table Topics   

6:30-6:45PM Change/Freshen up   

6:45-9:15PM Bingo

9:15-11:05PM Movie Screening: Love Simon   

11:05-11:15PM Move to Dorms   

11:15PM Lights Out       


Day 3 - July 17   

6:30AM Wake Up   

7:00-7:45AM Breakfast   

7:45-8:00AM Morning Check in with Becky   

8:00-8:20AM Morning Warm Up with Counselors   

8:20-9:05AM Dangers of Distracted Driving   

9:05-9:10AM Break   

9:10-10:45AM Harry Potter Potions Class   

10:45-11:15AM Telling Your Story to Create Change   

11:15-11:45AM Lunch   

11:45-1:10PM Civil Dialogue  

 1:10-1:15PM Break    

1:15-2:00PM Staying Engaged Through Social Media   

2:00-2:10PM Team Huddle/Check in   

2:00-3:25PM Shark Tank- Marketing & Packaging   

3:25-3:30PM Pride Camp Chant Contest   

3:30-4:25PM Confidence Building   

4:25-4:30PM Break    

4:30-5:00PM Voting 101   

5:00-5:30PM Dinner   

5:30-6:30PM Healthy Habits, Healthy Lives   

6:30-6:45PM Break/Freshen up   

6:45-9:10PM Trivia

9:10-9:45PM Ice Cream Social    

9:45-10:30PM Talent Show practice   

10:30-10:45PM Team Check In

10:45-11:00PM Get Ready for Bed   

11:00PM Lights Out       


Day 4 - July 18   

6:30AM Wake Up   

7:00-7:45AM Breakfast   

7:45-8:00AM Morning Check in with Becky   

8:00-8:20AM Morning Warm Up with Counselors   

8:20-9:30AM Camp Games   

9:30-11:30AM Activism in your Community

11:30-12:30PM Shark Tank - Creating a Pitch   

12:30-1:30PM The Power of Being You   

1:30-1:45PM Lunch   

1:45-2:45PM Being LGBTQ in Trade Work   

2:45-3:00PM Break    

3:00-3:30PM Gym Time   

3:30-3:45PM Break   

3:45-5:15PM Shark Tank- Business  Plan & Presentation Prep   

5:15-6:00PM Dinner   

6:00-6:30PM Talent Show Prep   

6:30-8:00PM Talent Show   

8:00-8:15PM Break   

8:15-8:45PM Salt and Pepper Game   

8:45-10:30PM Movie Screening: The Emperor's New Groove   

10:30-11:00PM Team Check-in   

10:45-11:00PM Move to the Dorms   

11:00PM Lights Out    


Day 5 - July 19th   

6:30AM Wake Up/Pack Bags   

7:15-7:45AM Breakfast   

7:45-8:00AM Morning Check in with Becky   

8:00-8:05AM Move to Lyceum   

8:05-10:00AM Shark Tank  Presentation/Pitch   

10:00-10:15AM Break   

10:15-11:00AM Closure Activity   

11:00-11:30AM Team Check In   

11:30-11:40AM Bring Bags to Student Center   

11:40-12:00:PM Shirt Signings   

12:00-12:30PM Goodbyes   

12:30PM Depart    

Activity Categories

  • Advocacy
  • Arts
  • Agriculture
  • Health & Wellness
  • Leadership & Innovation
  • Policy
  • Social Media & Networking
  • STEM

**Schedule and activities are tentative and subject to change. More information on Pride Camp schedules and activities is coming. Check back soon for updates.**

When should I arrive to Pride Camp on the first day?

Please plan to arrive at Pride Camp NO EARLIER than 10:30AM on July 15th